Creative Writing Roadtrip in Bosnia

Creative Writing Roadtrip in Bosnia

09 Aug 00:00 - 19 Aug 09:15 - Sarajevo
Sarajevo Baščaršija


We invite you to join us on the Lazuli Trail, a creative writing roadtrip in this beautiful corner of the Balkans! Together with Sukina Douglas, spoken word poet and creative writing facilitator, we will explore not only the lush greenery, mountains and waterfalls that make this country so special, but also its recent turbulent past and the lessons we can take home with us where many are facing a growing tide of nationalism and the illusions of separateness in our own communities.

Bosnia has been a crossroads of civilisations and ideologies for centuries, and its mix of Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox faiths makes it symbolic and relevant in our current context of multi-faith societies and the question of what place Muslims hold in Europe.

We'll balance our time between nature and cities, from Sarajevo and Mostar to the Srebrenica genocide memorial, old Ottoman villages, Sufi monasteries, eco-lodges on pristine lakes and more! Activities will range from horse riding, culinary classes, swimming under waterfalls, hikes to remote villages and a bonfire or two, all in good company. Not to mention that an exploration of war tunnels, sniper towers, as well as conversations with locals recounting their experiences of the war will be an important part of the trip.

We'll be working closely with people from each of the places we visit, to ensure everyone comes away with an immersive cultural experience and warm memories of the Bosnian people.

Details on the creative writing programme to be announced soon!

**Early bird discounts available up until the 15th of April. Seats are limited. Message for more details.**


Sukina Pilgrim is a Spoken-Word and Hip Hop artist, Workshop Facilitator and Event Organisor. She makes up one half of the Muslim female Hip Hop duo, ‪Poetic Pilgrimage‬ and has performed across the UK, Europe, the USA, North and South Africa with her group sharing their unique blend of conscious Hip Hop and impactful poetry to engage communities.

She has facilitated creative writing workshops across the world empowering communities to use the written word as a tool for dialogue and engagement. Born in Bristol to Jamaican parents Sukina was raised in a Rastafarian inspired environment however in 2005 she converted to Islam and since then she has played an intrinsic role within the British Muslim creative communities as a performer and events organiser.

Her work has been featured on the BBC News, World Service and Asian Network, ITV, Channel 4 and Al Jazeera and has been written about in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Voice and many other international media outlets. In March 2015 Al Jazeera screened a documentary about her group called Hip Hop Hijabis.

Sukina made her theatre debut in 2016 in a production called Malcolm X at the KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre) in Brussels which was critically acclaimed and is currently writing a play for the KVS Theatre.

In 2017 she delivered a Tedx Talk on the healing power of poetry.

Sukina holds a she holds a BA (Hons) Degree in English Literature and Caribbean Studies and is currently pursuing an MA in Creative Industries and Cultural Management.

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